Discovering Bourbon Baggers: Our Journey from Idea to Innovation

Imagine transforming your everyday bourbon into a weekend delight with a simple yet profound idea. That's the journey of Bourbon Baggers – born from a blend of passion, adventure, and a serendipitous mix of experiences.

Mini Aging Barrel

A Taste for Adventure: Like you, I've got a growing, but modest bourbon collection, and a desire not to get into the tedious practice of hunting for bottles unobtainable. One day I got sucked into Amazon as we all do, and a small aging barrel seemed like the perfect experiment to try something new without the chase. Unfortunately, despite my efforts, I lost close to two full bottles from a small leak. But what remained in the bottle convinced me the idea had merit.

Bourbon Happy Hour

The Toasted Bourbon Revelation: Fast forward to a happy hour with colleagues, and the stars aligned in an entirely unforeseen way. Elijah Craig Toasted barrel was on the menu, leading to a rather overdone sampling of toasted barrel bourbon. We racked up a hell of a bar tab and the table killed a few different bottles of toasted barrel bourbons. Hooked as I was, I tried to get a bottle of anything toasted in an actual liquor store – a struggle familiar to every bourbon lover seeking the exceptional.

Chinese Tea Experience

A Twist of Fate, A Sip of Tea: Years ago, I used to travel on business to China and found an appreciation for loose leaf tea. To me, loose leaf tea was a pain in the rear, and they didn't sell the finer stuff in bags. I tried things like those mesh strainer balls, but the inconvenience kept it from being a habit. I'm an American. I wanted a tea bag.

Master Roaster

Why Not Bourbon?: While enjoying a weekday sip of bagged tea, the spark ignited. The concept of Bourbon Baggers was born – a tea bag for bourbon to get me the toasted oak flavor that I so desired. Hours of research and experimentation followed, as the journey led through the intricate processes of aging and toasting. Trial and error, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to perfection gradually unveiled the formula that would transform my weeknight bourbon enjoyment.

Made in Dallas, TX

Made in Dallas, Texas with American Oak: To ensure that every Bourbon Bagger delivers on its promise, the path led to sourcing the finest raw materials. This step ensures that quality is always assured, enhancing your bourbon in ways that you can feel confident in. Each Bourbon Bagger is proudly manufactured in Dallas, Texas, USA, using only 100% kiln-dried domestic American Oak without any fillers, chemicals, preservatives, or other nonsense. This commitment to quality and authenticity echoes in every pour, a testament to our dedication to creating an unparalleled bourbon experience.

Crafting for You, Our Customers: More than a few coincidences led to the creation of Bourbon Baggers. It's not just a product; it's my labor of love, conceived to enhance your weeknight bourbon experience. 

This is a journey of taste and innovation, a journey that invites you to join us.  Discover Bourbon Baggers and turn your weeknight bourbon into a weekend bourbon, one glass at a time.