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Bourbon Baggers

Our Mission

The Bourbon Bagger mission is to make Weeknight Bourbon better and easier. Bourbon has become crazy, and is now a mix of the pretension of wine-snobbery, combined with the irrationality Tulip Mania in 1634 Holland. But bourbon is good. really good. It should simplify your life, not complicate it. Bourbon baggers put that simplicity back by allowing you to turn any random bottle of bourbon found on the bottom shelves into a top shelf bourbon worthy of the top shelves, one glass at a time.

Our Story

There is a whole page dedicated to our origin story. The idea was conceived in the summer of 2023, and on August 22 we were formed as Booze Baggers LLC in the great state of Texas. Bourbon Baggers is our first brand, but others are sure to follow (they work GREAT in tequila!).

What People Think

Honestly, I usually have to explain the idea, but when people "get it" they are really intrigued. I honestly have never had anyone who tried it tell me it didn't work to some extent, and many of my initial testers are now asking me for refills. You can see reviews on the product page.

Contact Info

Feel free to use the form at the bottom of this page to contact us. But, here is our info if you'd rather just see it directly:

Bourbon Baggers
7522 Campbell Rd
Ste 113 pmb 563
Dallas, TX 75248
United States
(972) 674-3796

Social Media

You can find us on Facebook, our most active community at https://facebook.com/BourbonBaggers. On this page we send out tons of great weeknight bourbon content and relatively little pure marketing content. Our mission, remember, is to make weeknight bourbon better and easier.

You can also find us on Instagram at https://instagram.com/BourbonBaggers, though we aren't quite as active there.

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