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  • Discovering Bourbon Baggers: Our Journey from Idea to Innovation

    Imagine transforming your everyday bourbon into a weekend delight with a simple yet profound idea. That's the journey of Bourbon Baggers – born from a blend of passion, adventure, and a serendipitous mix of experiences.

    Our Origin Story 
  • The Science of Bourbon Baggers: How it Works

    Are you skeptical that Bourbon Baggers could amplify the flavor of your bourbon in mere minutes, or wonder whether they actually work? Keep reading, because we're diving into the fascinating world of Bourbon Baggers and their surprisingly effective method of infusing extra oomph into your favorite spirit. And yes, we've got some cool data to back it up!

    Geek Out on Bourbon 
  • The Bourbon Gifting Blog

    Bourbon Baggers make a great gift for the Bourbon Explorer in your life. And we have a side passion for helping Bourbon Lovers try new things. We realize Bourbon Baggers aren't the only great gift, though. So we have an entire blog dedicated to reviewing and educating you on great bourbon gifts from the perspective of a bourbon lover.

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