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  • Gifts for Bourbon Lovers

    Looking to amaze the bourbon lover in your life? Bourbon Baggers are the ultimate gift that turns everyday bourbon into exceptional bourbon. Baggers are filled with finely shredded, kiln-dried, and toasted American Oak which infuse your favorite bourbon with rich, charred or toasted oak flavors in just minutes. You don't need to figure out what bottle they might like, because Bourbon Baggers work with Any bottle.

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  • When You Can't Find a Bottle In-Stock

    Searching for that elusive toasted barrel bourbon that seems impossible to find on store shelves? Stop looking and just make the bourbon you already have a toasted barrel bourbon. Simply add a bagger to your glass, and within minutes, experience the rich, toasted oak notes you've been longing for.

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  • For the Bourbon Affcionado

    For bourbon enthusiasts who cherish the intricacies of aging and complex flavor profiles, Bourbon Baggers is a revelation. Imagine unlocking the aging process of bourbon barrels and condensing it into just a few short minutes, infusing your sip with years' worth of rich, charred oak character complete with caramels, spice, vanilla and and a smoothness that will amaze you.

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  • Completely different - 3x better

    "After 10 minutes, my Buffalo Trace was noticeably darker and a completely different flavor. You can smell the smoke, taste adds more oak and a slight toast. But when I made an old fashioned with it and took a sip, I caught myself saying "Oh ----!" in a good way. it was 3x better than my usual." - Rob Allen, Dallas, TX

  • Will Recommend to Friends

    "As a natural skeptic, I was leery of a product that could "age" bourbon over a course of minutes! With that said, the flavor and smoothness that come from using Baggers are noticeable and worth every cent if you are a bourbon drinker! I tried it on a $25 bottle of bourbon, and within 20 minutes, it was smoother and had a wonderful smoky aroma and flavor to enhance the taste of the bourbon. I will definitely be recommending it to friends!" - Aaron Garcia, Richardson, TX

  • Makes Basement Bourbon Better

    "Purchased a fifth of Early Times booze to test the bagger. My normal bourbon is Henry McKenna which I saw on your fb post was ranked #6. I wanted to see what it could do for a basement bourbon. Very amazing. I didnt stir it around for very long but it tasted so much smoother. A week night $13 bottle was greatly improved!" - Larry Dester, Dallas, TX

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