Instructions for Use

  1. Place a bourbon bagger at the bottom of your glass. Its okay if it doesn’t quite fit. In fact, that will help keep it in place as you sip!

  2. Pour over your favorite week night bourbon. Or, if you are feeling plucky, go ahead and pour the special occasion stuff.

  3. It will take about 10-15 minutes to get fully developed. But, you can help it along by occasionally swirling your glass like a bond villain.

  4. After the wait, your bourbon’s color will have deepened a bit more with the toasted baggers, and even more with the charred.

  5. Leave the Bourbon Bagger in your glass! as you sip and more time passes, it will get even better! 

  6. Note the toasted finish and how the bourbon has smoothed out. Some people find that the bourbon also picks up some caramel and spice notes.

  7. You can reuse the Bourbon Bagger for 2-3 more pours before it loses its effect. But, it may take a bit longer to develop.