Charred Vs Toasted

Which Option Should You Choose?

Bourbon Baggers is offered with two options because they impart different flavor profiles in the Bourbon.

Charred American White Oak is what bourbon barrels are legally required to be aged in. Charred oak develops more notes of vanilla, spice, caramel, and brown sugar flavors. It also tames the taste of the oak itself. If you are looking for a more "mature" or "aged" flavor profile like those found in more expensive older bourbons, this is the selection for you.

Toasted Oak, on the other hand is completely different. Bourbon is not aged in toasted barrels. However, recently many distilleries have been finishing Bourbon in toasted barrels to impart a unique tasting experience. Popular brands doing this are Elijah Craig and Baysil Hayden. Toasted bourbons tend to have a more fruit forward profile and the oak flavoring becomes more pronounced. If you are looking for something different or something for your pricier bourbons, this is the selection for you.