Choosing Your Adventure: Charred vs. Toasted Bourbon Baggers

Venturing into the world of Bourbon Baggers, you're faced with a delightful decision: Charred or Toasted? Each brings its own unique twist to your favorite spirits, unlocking new dimensions of flavor with every sip. So, which path should you embark on? Let's explore.

Charred American White Oak

Dive into the traditional soul of bourbon with our Charred Oak option. Legally, all bourbon barrels must kiss the flame, giving rise to the rich, deep flavors synonymous with your favorite aged spirits. Charred oak weaves complex tales of vanilla, spice, caramel, and that irresistible hint of brown sugar into your drink, while softening the oak's raw edge. Craving a sip that echoes the storied depths of an aged bourbon? The Charred Bourbon Bagger is your key to unlocking a mature, sophisticated profile.

Toasted Oak

Venture off the beaten path with Toasted Oak. While bourbon traditionally doesn't age in toasted barrels, this method has gained popularity among distilleries for its ability to bestow a novel tasting experience. Distillers like Elijah Craig and Basil Hayden have embraced this technique, and for good reason. Toasting brings out a fruit-forward profile, highlighting the natural sweetness and vibrant character of the oak. If your palate seeks the unexplored or aims to elevate already premium spirits, Toasted Bourbon Baggers offer a gateway to something distinct and captivating.

Which Will It Be?

Whether you lean towards the charred wisdom of traditional bourbon or the toasted whispers of innovation, Bourbon Baggers invites you on a journey of discovery. Choose Charred for a dive into the heart of classic bourbon aging, or Toasted to explore new horizons in flavor. Whichever path you choose, a world of taste awaits.