Bourbon Baggers on Kilimanjaro!

Bourbon Baggers on Kilimanjaro

What better way to illustrate the "make every sip better" spirit of Bourbon Baggers than with this shared picture from one of our very own customers? Recently, our friend Bill embarked on a daring journey to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, packing a small Bourbon Baggers flag and a passion for exploration. At the peak of this African giant, he captured this breathtaking photo of our flag unfurled against a backdrop of breathtaking vistas, reminding us that Bourbon Baggers are more than just bourbon oak infusions in your glass; they're your companion for "making every sip better," no matter how grand. Just as Bill conquered Kilimanjaro with our flag in tow, you too can carry a piece of the Bourbon Baggers spirit with you, whether you're scaling mountains or simply enjoying a sip of weeknight bourbon. So, where will your Bourbon Baggers take you next?