Review: Old Grand Dad 114

Weeknight Bourbon Review No. 2

Review: Old Grand Dad 114

  • Distillery: Jim Beam
  • Age Statement: Not Provided
  • Proof: 114
  • Weeknight Bourbon Rating: 7.0
  • Recommended Bagger: Charred Barrel
  • Typical Price: $21.99

Online Reviews:

Breaking Bourbon: 3/5
The Bourbon Culture: 6.2/10
The Whiskey Shelf: 3/5

"Expert Notes"

"Full Bodied, nicely proofed, budget priced, this is a must-have bottle on your shelf." - Breaking Bourbon
"As it stands, it’s a great sipper with a flavor profile that has many bold and robust flavors, but it’s rough around the edges on the finish and it’s got some grainy notes of young age on the nose." - The Bourbon Culture
"Old Granddad 114 Bourbon is a pretty straightfoward, dry, oaky, earthy, and nutty bourbon. It’s also one of the nuttiest bourbons I’ve ever had. " - The Whiskey Shelf

My Notes:

This bourbon is HOT. To me, the 114 proof feels more like 125-130. So, I would strongly recommend a touch of water or an ice cube to take it down a bit. It is also a bourbon that I hated when I just started out, but as I've gotten used to drinking bourbon it has grown on me more and more. As an aside, my wife likes it with Dr. Pepper as a mixer, and at the price point I don't mind her using it. 
I'd agree with The Whiskey Shelf that it is particularly nutty. But I would disagree with them concerning the gingersnap. My gut is they are confusing the bite of the alcohol with the snap of the ginger. To me, this one has more hidden caramel notes than any other type of sugar.
However, overall it is a solid weeknight bourbon that I give a WBR of 8/10 to. And, frankly for the price of < $25, it is extremely hard to beat. I definitely consider this the go-to bourbon to put out at any house party for the general guests who don't care about which bourbon they use. 
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