Top (Whiskey-Inspired) Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas That Say Thank You in Style

Top (Whiskey-Inspired) Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas That Say Thank You in Style


Teacher Appreciation Week is the perfect time to show gratitude to the educators who inspire, challenge, and nurture our children. While it's common knowledge that many school districts have policies against giving alcoholic beverages as gifts, there are plenty of creative, fun, and school-appropriate ways to show your appreciation. Here are our top picks for teacher gifts that are both thoughtful and policy-friendly.

1. Personalized Wooden Box of Bourbon Baggers

For the teacher who loves a sophisticated touch, our custom-engraved wooden box filled with Bourbon Baggers offers a unique gift. Perfect for enhancing their favorite spirits at home, this box can be engraved with a special message or name, making it a memorable gift. Each box includes a selection of charred and toasted bourbon-enhancing baggers, ideal for the discerning palate.

Here are some suggested personalizations for that special teacher in your child's life

  • "Because Students"
  • "Technically, alcohol is a solution"
  • "Grade Papers, Sip Whiskey, Repeat."
  • "Educated Sips for Educated Lips"
  • "Marking essays requires bourbon"
  • "Teacher's survival kit"
  • "This teacher grades with whiskey"
  • "Lesson Plan: Pour, Sip, Smile, Teach"
Personalized Bourbon Baggers Boxes
Personalized Wooden Bourbon Baggers Box

2. "Probably Whiskey" Coffee Mug

Perfect for coffee or tea, this playful mug adds a touch of humor to any teacher's morning. It’s a great way for them to enjoy their favorite warm beverage at home, away from school policies and eyes. The mug’s message, "This Might Be Whiskey," is sure to bring a smile after a long day of teaching.

Probably Whiskey Mug
Probably Whiskey Mug

3. "Because Students" Gift Set

Teaching is no easy feat, and this gift set acknowledges just that with a wink and a smile. It includes a "Because Students" rocks glass and a unique apple-shaped stainless whiskey stone, perfect for unwinding at the end of a school day. This set celebrates the trials and triumphs of teaching with a bit of levity.

Because Students Rocks Glass
Because Whiskey Rocks Glass

4. "Technically Alcohol is a Solution" Rocks Glass

For the science teacher or any educator with a love for wordplay, this rocks glass is not only humorous but also educational. It's a great addition to their glassware collection for home use, where they can relax with their favorite beverage, reflecting on the lighter side of science and teaching.

Technically Alcohol is a solution glass
Technically... Whiskey Glass

5. Fidget Spinner Whiskey Glasses

Previously featured on our blog, these fun and functional whiskey glasses are perfect for the playful teacher. The fidget spinner base allows the glass to spin on the table, which not only aerates the drink but also serves as a great stress reliever.

Fidget Spinner Glasses

6. Craft & Kin Whiskey Caramel Candle

As another favorite from our blog, this natural soy candle offers the warm, inviting aroma of whiskey caramel. It's a soothing gift that's perfect for setting a relaxing atmosphere in any teacher's home, helping them unwind after busy school days.

Whiskey Candle
Whiskey Caramel Candle


Teacher Appreciation Week is an opportunity to show gratitude in unique and thoughtful ways. These gifts are not only fun and considerate, but they also comply with typical school policies regarding alcohol. Whether you choose a humorous mug, a personalized wooden box, or a relaxing candle, your gift can make a significant impact on an educator's day. Visit our site for more creative gift ideas that celebrate and appreciate the tireless efforts of teachers everywhere.

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