Top Whiskey-Inspired Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Ultimate Bourbon-Loving Dad

Top Whiskey-Inspired Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Ultimate Bourbon-Loving Dad


Father's Day is just around the corner, and it's the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for the man who has always been there for you. If your dad is a bourbon or whiskey enthusiast, why not surprise him with a gift that celebrates his love for fine spirits?

But, you probably have figured out that dad is impossible to buy a bottle for. If he wants it, he just buys it. There's no way to get that one right, so it is much easier and more appreciated to approach from the perimeter.

From personalized bourbon baggers to stylish bar accessories, we've got you covered with our top picks for whiskey-inspired Father's Day gifts.

1. Personalized Wooden Box of Bourbon Baggers

Give your dad the gift of flavor exploration with a custom-engraved wooden box filled with Bourbon Baggers.

Bourbon Baggers are teabags filled with charred or toasted oak. Right in your glass and within minutes, they create a double-oaked or toasted barrel finish. Essentially, this multiplies you dad's bourbon collection, allowing him to experience every bottle in multiple new ways.

Each wooden gift box box of Bourbon Baggers contains 6 charred and 6 toasted baggers, allowing him to enhance his favorite spirits with rich, complex flavors. Personalize the box with a special message or his name to make it a truly unique and memorable gift. Here are a few suggested quips to consider:

  • "Dad: Stronger than barrel-proof and aged to perfection."
  • "Dad's Survival Kit: Handle with Care."
  • "For the Man Who Has Everything and More."
Wooden gift box of bourbon baggers
Wood Gift Box of Bourbon Baggers

2. Fidget Spinner Whiskey Glasses

Did you even know this was a thing? 

Add a playful twist to your dad's whiskey experience with our fidget spinner whiskey glasses. These innovative glasses not only enhance the aeration of the drink but also provide a fun and engaging way to enjoy his favorite bourbon. 

Maybe your dad isn't the most comfortable guy in the room in a social setting. Give him a distraction that eases the burden. A bit of a twirl from time to time will keep him distracted as well as a possible conversation starter. 

Available in 4 classy designs, these affordable glasses will be a great surprise.

Fidget spinner glasses
Fidget Spinner Bourbon Glasses

3. Custom Barrel Heads

Does dad have a man cave? Maybe a garage workshop? or even an office that he actually is allowed to decorate himself?

Bring the charm of a distillery to your dad's space with custom barrel heads. Crafted from genuine oak barrels, these decorative pieces can be personalized with names, dates, or special messages. They make a stunning addition to any home bar or study, celebrating his refined taste in spirits.

These can be found on etsy, but we are partial to the seller RusticHomeWallArt who we have personally experienced great service from.

Custom Barrel Head

4. "This Might Be Whiskey" Coffee Mug

For the dad who enjoys a good laugh, our "This Might Be Whiskey" coffee mug is a perfect choice. Ideal for use at home, this mug adds a touch of humor to his morning routine. It's a playful nod to his love for whiskey, even if it's just coffee inside.

This is a great gift if you are just looking to get it done on Amazon (Although most of these gifts can be found there as well).

This might be whiskey
This Might Be Whiskey Mug

5. Bourbon Baggers Toasted Oak Simple Syrup (DIY Gift)

For a thoughtful and creative DIY gift, consider making Bourbon Baggers Toasted Oak Simple Syrup. This syrup is perfect for enhancing cocktails and can be made with toasted oak, charred oak, or toasted cherry bourbon baggers. Check out our tutorial video to learn how to create this delightful syrup at home.

Custom simple syrup
Instructions to make (EASY)


6. Homemade Coffee Liqueur (DIY Gift)

Another fantastic DIY gift idea is homemade coffee liqueur. Using Bourbon Baggers and Monkey Cult Coffee Company's Bourbon Chocolate Chip coffee grounds, you can create a rich and flavorful liqueur that's perfect for cocktails or enjoying on its own. This personal touch will surely impress any bourbon-loving dad.

DIY Coffee liqueur
DIY Coffee Liqueur (EASY)

8. Golfer's Bar Tools Kit

Okay, Okay. Dad's love tools. Usually powered ones, but unpowered alcohol related ones work just fine. Trust us. This kit is uniquely stylish and has what you need for the perfect old fashioned on the 19th hole.

Barventures tool kit
Golfer's Bar Tools



Father's Day is the perfect time to celebrate your dad's love for whiskey with thoughtful and unique gifts. From personalized bourbon baggers to playful bar accessories, our top picks are sure to make his day special. Visit to explore more gift ideas and find the perfect present for the bourbon-loving dad in your life.

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