7 Unique Gifts for the Bourbon-Loving Golf Nut

7 Unique Gifts for the Bourbon-Loving Golf Nut

If there is anyone that may be harder to get a gift for than a bourbon lover, it is probably the golf lover. They share so many similarities. They have probably bought themselves anything you are thinking of. If you buy them something like a ball or a bottle, they probably also already have it or have strong preconceived opinion about it.

It really is a no-win situation without some insider knowledge of both Golf and Whiskey. The good news is that there are quite a lot of unique gift options that pull together both both of these obsessions, and some of them don't entirely suck. 


I'll keep it short - this isn't a recipe blog so I won't tell you about my favorite dog or whether whiskey can be frozen.

Growing up, I swung my life between two poles: golf and bourbon. My high school days saw me as the top-ranked golfer, wielding a USGA four handicap and indulging in two rounds a day during those endless summer days on a golf course that prided itself more on its greens than its aquatic amenities. (Shout out to Foxboro Country Club in suburban Boston!)

Transitioning into my twenties, my playground shifted to the vibrant scene of New Orleans, behind a bar rather than on the green, where my love for bourbon took root. This blend of experiences has teed me up perfectly to curate a list of unique gifts that are sure to score a hole-in-one with the bourbon-loving golfer.

Oh, and add to that my dad. The ultimate "golf degenerate" as he calls himself. He's crazy even for a golfer. He splits his winters and summers between Cape Cod and The Villages in Florida solely because of golf. He's a bag boy and cart house worker to make a few bucks, and spends it all on golf. So I know how hard it is to get gifts for a golf nut.


Gift Options


1. Bourbon Baggers: The Ace in Your Sleeve

While this is a shameless self-serving shill, it is the absolute truth. Bourbon Baggers make an awesome gift for the bourbon living golf freak.

The truth is as clear as a freshly polished 9 iron: most golf courses serve bourbon selections that barely make the cut, and the drink carts aren’t faring any better. A box of Bourbon Baggers or a sleek travel tin fits snugly in your golf bag, transforming that lackluster drink cart bourbon into a top-shelf contender. It's the ultimate secret weapon for the golfer who wouldn't mind a quality sip between swings.

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2. Golf Ball Whiskey Glasses: A Fairway Favorite

For the bourbon enthusiast who also lives and breathes golf, these glasses are more than just a vessel—they're a statement. The dimpled golf ball glasses offer nosing advantages akin to the esteemed Glencairn glasses, so they're a golfer’s dream. Let me rephrase, their shape helps keep the smells in so the bourbon nut can sniff out all of the flavor notes. Opt for a set that tees up their drinking game, whether it includes a decanter or not. It's a unique gift that mirrors the spirit of the game and the spirit in your glass.

Golf Ball Whiskey Glasses
Golf Ball Whiskey Glasses


3. Golfer's Bar Tool Set: Crafting the 19th Hole

Every golfer's bar needs its set of irons, and I'm not just talking about the clubs. Enter the golfer's bar tool set, featuring an argyle shaker, golf club stirrer, trophy jigger, and hole pin swizzle. It's not just about mixing drinks; it's about mixing them with flair and a nod to the game you love. It’s a unique gift that screams, "I'm a golf nut with a penchant for booze!"

Golf Bar Set
Golf Bar Tools Set


4. Golf Ball Whiskey Stones: Keeping It Cool on the Course

We have a whole blog post on whiskey stones, so if you want the nitty gritty on why we picked these, that post has the juice. TLDR; make sure to bag the stainless steel golf ball whiskey stones. They're perfect for chilling your bourbon without watering down the experience, just like a perfect day on the course. It’s a stroke of genius for anyone who loves their spirits as much as they love sinking birdies.

Golf Ball Whiskey Stones
Golf Ball Whiskey Stones


5. Golf Club Decanter: The Hole-in-One of Barware

With a bottle shaped like a golf club and filled with distinguished whiskey, a golf club decanter is both a visual and gustatory delight. If you're looking for a simple play, opt for an Amazon find where the club shaft is glass, allowing for a long, satisfying pour, which is probably totally unlike your swing.. It's a unique gift that's both practical and a showpiece.

However, if you really want to surprise and delight them, go to your local liquor store and see if they can order a bottle of Cooperstown Distillery Hall of Champions bourbon. This comes in a golf club 750ml decanter and the juice inside is actually very good.


Golf Club Decanter
Golf Club Decanter and Stones


6. Golf Cart Shaped Decanter: Driving Your Spirits High

This might be on the pricier side of the fairway, but a golf cart-shaped decanter, complete with a spigoted decanter in the driver's seat and two whiskey glasses on the roof, is the perfect caddy for your bourbon. It’s a conversation starter, a unique gift, and a tribute to the game and the drink that both require patience, skill, and a touch of flair.

Golf Cart Decanter
Golf Cart Decanter


7. Golfer's Flask: Teeing Up Anytime, Anywhere

No golf bag is truly complete without a golfer’s flask. With a leather sleeve that holds a couple of ball markers and tees, it’s the perfect blend of utility and style. It’s for those moments when you find yourself thinking, “This view deserves a good sip,” or when your swing could use a little liquid confidence. It’s a cheeky nod to the golfer who knows how to enjoy the finer things in life, both on and off the course.

Golfer's Flask
Golfer's Flask
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