Flasks - A Gift Guide Specifically for Bourbon

Flasks - A Gift Guide Specifically for Bourbon

When looking for the ideal gift for a bourbon enthusiast, a flask naturally comes to mind. Bourbon lovers appreciate enjoying their favorite spirit on the go, but selecting the right flask can be daunting if you're unfamiliar with the nuances. This guide simplifies the process, helping you choose a flask that's just right for bourbon. And if you're short on time, check our top recommendations at the bottom of this page.

1. Size Matters: Perfect Ounce for Bourbon Flasks

Flasks vary from 6 to over 18 ounces, but most fall within the 8-12 ounce range. Since bourbon often has a higher proof than other spirits like vodka or gin, a smaller flask might suffice. For instance, an 8 ounce flask holds 7.3 standard drinks of 110 proof bourbon, compared to 5.3 with 80 proof liquor. Our suggestion? Opt for something in the 8-10 ounce range – perfect for a bourbon lover's gift.

2. The Right Material: Ensuring the Best Flavor

Flask materials range from simple plastics to exotic metals. For bourbon, non-reactive materials like Stainless Steel (look for 304 or 18/8 grades) or Glass are ideal, as they don't alter the taste. Avoid reactive metals like Copper, Aluminum, or low-grade Stainless Steel, and be wary of plastics since alcohol can extract flavors from them.

3. Shape and Comfort: Hip Flask vs. Standard

Flask shapes vary, with some curved for comfort and concealment (hip flasks) and others standard and straight. The choice is personal, but for a gift, a hip flask often has more appeal and wow factor.

4. Don't Lose the Cap: Attached Cap Essentials

Ensure the flask has an attached cap, ideally hinged, to prevent loss. This small detail keeps your flask functional and portable. Remember, if metal detectors are a concern, the cap material matters too.

5. Style Speaks: Knowing Your Recipient

Flasks come in designs ranging from sophisticated to quirky. When choosing, consider the personality of the gift recipient but prioritize quality materials over aesthetics. Beware of novelty flasks made from lower-grade materials.

6. Additional Considerations for the Perfect Flask

  • Funnel Included? Flasks can be tricky to fill. If it doesn’t come with one, consider adding a flask funnel to your gift.
  • Glass Flask Alternative: A half-pint glass bottle of Bourbon can double as a unique flask. Just add a leak-proof silicone sleeve for a creative twist.
  • Compatibility with Bourbon Baggers: Some flasks allow easy cleaning and are wide enough to accommodate a Bourbon Bagger, enhancing the bourbon experience.

Bottom Line: Which Flask Should I Buy?

For the ultimate bourbon gift, we recommend the  Visiki Parker Leather Wrapped Glass Flask as the ideal Bourbon Gift Flask. It's stylish, functional, and ideal for enhancing the bourbon experience.

Alternatively, if you prefer a portable stainless steel option, this Flask Gift Set ticks all the boxes.

Enhance the Bourbon Experience with Bourbon Baggers While selecting the perfect flask, don’t forget to pair it with our Bourbon Baggers. These innovative bags add complexity and depth to bourbon in minutes, a perfect complement to your thoughtful flask gift.


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