A Gift Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bourbon Decanter


Welcome to the ultimate destination for bourbon-specific gifts - the Bourbon Baggers blog! Today, we delve into the elegant world of decanters, a gift that brings a touch of sophistication to any bourbon collection. Whether used traditionally or as an infinity bottle to create lasting bourbon blends, a well-chosen decanter is more than just a vessel; it's a memorable part of any bourbon lover's journey.

For those who prefer a quick recommendation, skip to the bottom where we've selected decanters perfect for any bourbon enthusiast.

Crafting a Stylish Gift Experience: Decanter Styles that Impress

The decanter's style is paramount. Start your selection process by considering the recipient's taste - be it vintage charm, modern elegance, or a personalized touch like custom engravings. Remember, when in doubt, opt for a clean and sophisticated design. Our recommendations at the end of this post reflect this timeless style.

Material Matters: Choosing Safely and Wisely

Important Note: The allure of lead crystal decanters is undeniable, but safety comes first. Choose lead-free crystal or other safe materials to avoid any health risks associated with lead leaching into bourbon. Unfortunately, most antique or vintage decanters are likely leaded. Opt for modern safety to ensure your gift’s longevity and health benefits.

Infinity Bottles: A Personalized Bourbon Adventure

Gift a decanter as a canvas for creating an infinity bottle - a unique blend of various whiskies. Often crafted from the last ounces of different bourbon bottles, these blends become a personal bourbon masterpiece. And don't forget, Bourbon Baggers are a fantastic addition to any infinity bottle, available in our shop.

Size and Capacity: Go Big or Go Home

Choose a decanter that can hold at least a full fifth (750ml) of bourbon. This is essential for frustration-free enjoyment, except for smaller decanters specifically meant for infinity bottles. Our recommended decanters are appropriately sized for both purposes.

Sealing in Flavor: The Importance of Airtight Seals

A decanter with an airtight seal is crucial for preserving bourbon's flavor over time. This feature is a must for any quality decanter gift.

Simplify Maintenance: Easy-to-Clean Decanters

A user-friendly decanter that's easy to clean, with wide openings or removable stoppers, ensures the gift stays practical and cherished, making every pour a special moment.

Bottom Line

Selecting the ideal bourbon decanter transcends mere gifting. It's about crafting an experience that reflects your thoughtfulness and enhances the recipient's bourbon journey. With the right style, material, size, sealing, and maintenance considerations, your gift becomes an integral part of their bourbon legacy.

Our Top Recommendations

We’ve narrowed it down to the best options for bourbon lovers:

1. Custom Engraved Infinity Bottle 


We love this choice because it displays well and frankly is just cool. It is a bit pricey, so we added an additional option below.

Custom Engraved Infinity Bottle

2. Bourbon Infinity Bottle with Markings

This one is for the perfectionist. We really love this bottle for the true bourbon lover. If your recipient has 10+ different bottles of bourbon, this is probably for them. It has 2 ounce increment marks so you can measure out how much of each bourbon was used in the custom blend. They add to that a chart that you can use to record what was put blended.

Infinity bottle

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