Bourbon Baggers Bourbon Enhancer - The Gift Every Bourbon Lover Dreams Of

Welcome to Bourbon Baggers, where we specialize in elevating the bourbon experience. If you're on the hunt for a unique and exceptional gift for a bourbon lover, you've found the perfect option that might just surprise even the most seasoned aficionados.

Introducing Bourbon Baggers: A Novel Twist on Bourbon Enjoyment

Bourbon Baggers are not your ordinary gift; they're a groundbreaking way to enjoy bourbon. These innovative "tea bags" are filled not with tea, but with Toasted or Charred American White Oak, designed to infuse your glass of bourbon with complexity and depth, akin to years of barrel aging.

Why Bourbon Baggers Are the Perfect Bourbon Lover's Gift

  • A Fresh Discovery: Given our status as a burgeoning brand, it's likely the bourbon enthusiast in your life hasn't yet discovered Bourbon Baggers. Gifting them something they've never heard of ensures a memorable and exciting experience.

  • Be an Early Adopter: Bourbon lovers relish the chance to be pioneers, discovering and sharing new bourbon experiences. Bourbon Baggers offers them this exclusive opportunity, setting them apart from the crowd without the need to hunt for rare or expensive bottles.

  • No Full-Bottle Commitment: Unlike other aging methods that require dedicating an entire bottle, Bourbon Baggers work their magic one glass at a time — and they do it quickly. In just 10-15 minutes, a standard 2-3 ounce pour can emulate the aging process of 2-3 years, and with the potential to reuse, a single Bourbon Bagger can enhance up to five fifths of bourbon, making it an incredibly economical choice.

  • Affordable Excellence: High-quality bourbon gifts under $20 are rare, especially ones that can impress a true bourbon lover. At just $20 for a 15-pack, Bourbon Baggers offer an unbeatable value, allowing you to gift an exceptional bourbon experience without breaking the bank.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: We stand behind the unique experience Bourbon Baggers offer and back it with a satisfaction guarantee. If your gift recipient isn't completely satisfied, we offer a refund of the product cost, minus a $4 flat return shipping fee.

The Science Behind Bourbon Baggers

The magic of Bourbon Baggers lies in their ability to accelerate the aging process. Just like bourbon traditionally gains its flavors from years in charred American white oak barrels, Bourbon Baggers replicate this process on a hyper-accelerated scale. The kiln-dried oak inside each Bagger provides ample surface area for the bourbon to interact with, infusing it with rich, aged flavors in minutes, not years.

Witness the Transformation

Buffalo Trace, a beloved $24 bourbon, undergoes a remarkable transformation with Bourbon Baggers, resembling the taste profile of bourbons priced between $50-$100. This "before and after" effect showcases how weeknight bourbon can become weekend bourbon in just one glass, making every sip special without the need to open a "good" bottle.

At Bourbon Baggers, our motto captures the essence of what we offer: "Turning weeknight bourbon into weekend bourbon, one glass at a time." Gift the bourbon enthusiast in your life with Bourbon Baggers, and watch as they discover a whole new way to enjoy their favorite spirit.



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