Bourbon Gifts Stocking Stuffer Edition

Bourbon Gifts Stocking Stuffer Edition

What makes a great stocking stuffer? Well, before I answer that, I'll share the formula I was taught years ago on what makes a great gift in general. Here are the rules:

  1. It is something that they want or something concerning something they like. This one is pretty obvious.
  2. It is something that they could afford to buy themselves. This seems a little counter intuitive, but it makes sense if you think about it. Over the top gifts can be pretty awesome, but if you think about the things in your own mental wish list, they are usually things you could potentially afford for yourself.
  3. But they would never buy themselves. The best gifts are ones where you could afford it, you want it, but you would never buy yourself because you think it is trivial or isn't wise use of your money

Alright, now that we have that established, let's add the rules for a stocking stuffer.

  1. It has to actually fit in a stocking. At least, that's a rule for me. A new basketball may fit the above criteria, but it doesn't fit in a stocking.
  2. It has to be cheap or affordable. A diamond ring isn't a stocking stuffer for most people.
  3. Ideally, it is something they can use or try immediately. The best stocking stuffers scratch an immediate itch.
All of these reasons are why Bourbon Baggers make a perfect stocking stuffer gift for your favorite bourbon lover. (Find out the top 5 reasons they make great gifts here.) At $20, they meet all 6 of the criteria above. In fact, if they have never heard of a Bourbon Bagger, they will have that "try immediately" thing right at their disposal (depending on when you exchange stockings).
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