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Bourbon Baggers Wholesale

Bourbon Baggers Wholesale

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Ingredients: 100% American Oak

Each bag contains 3.5 grams of 100% kiln-dried American Oak grown in the USA. This is the same wood used in every barrel of bourbon made. It contains no filler, no chemicals, no additives, or any other nonsense.

How to Use

  1. Place a bourbon bagger at the bottom of your glass. Its okay if it doesn’t quite fit. In fact, that will help keep it in place as you sip!

  2. Pour over your favorite week night bourbon. Or, if you are feeling plucky, go ahead and pour the special occasion stuff.

  3. It will take about 10-15 minutes to get fully developed. But, you can help it along by occasionally swirling your glass like a bond villain.

  4. After the wait, your bourbon’s color will have deepened a bit more with the toasted baggers, and even more with the charred.

  5. Leave the Bourbon Bagger in your glass! as you sip and more time passes, it will get even better! 

  6. Note the toasted finish and how the bourbon has smoothed out. Some people find that the bourbon also picks up some caramel and spice notes.

  7. You can reuse the Bourbon Bagger for 2-3 more pours before it loses its effect. But, it may take a bit longer to develop. 

Charred Vs. Toasted

Venturing into the world of Bourbon Baggers, you're faced with a delightful decision: Charred or Toasted? Each brings its own unique twist to your favorite spirits, unlocking new dimensions of flavor with every sip. So, which path should you embark on? Let's explore.

Charred American White Oak

Dive into the traditional soul of bourbon with our Charred Oak option. Legally, all bourbon barrels must kiss the flame, giving rise to the rich, deep flavors synonymous with your favorite aged spirits. Charred oak weaves complex tales of vanilla, spice, caramel, and that irresistible hint of brown sugar into your drink, while softening the oak's raw edge. Craving a sip that echoes the storied depths of an aged bourbon? The Charred Bourbon Bagger is your key to unlocking a mature, sophisticated profile.

Toasted Oak

Venture off the beaten path with Toasted Oak. While bourbon traditionally doesn't age in toasted barrels, this method has gained popularity among distilleries for its ability to bestow a novel tasting experience. Distillers like Elijah Craig and Basil Hayden have embraced this technique, and for good reason. Toasting brings out a fruit-forward profile, highlighting the natural sweetness and vibrant character of the oak. If your palate seeks the unexplored or aims to elevate already premium spirits, Toasted Bourbon Baggers offer a gateway to something distinct and captivating.

Which Will It Be?

Whether you lean towards the charred wisdom of traditional bourbon or the toasted whispers of innovation, Bourbon Baggers invites you on a journey of discovery. Choose Charred for a dive into the heart of classic bourbon aging, or Toasted to explore new horizons in flavor. Whichever path you choose, a world of taste awaits.

15 Baggers/Box

Elevate Your Inventory with Bourbon Baggers

Bourbon Baggers offer a unique and innovative solution for bourbon enthusiasts seeking to enhance their bourbon experience. Our product line, including the wholesale exclusive 3 Bagger Pocket-Sized Travel Tin, is designed to appeal to a wide range of customers, from bottom and mid-shelf bourbon consumers to those looking for the perfect gift.

Wholesale Pricing and Packaging:

  • Standard Box: Sold in cases of 12 units at $130 plus shipping, with a suggested retail price of $24.99. This offers retailers better than keystone pricing.
  • Travel Tin: Our 3 bagger wholesale exclusive packaging (Not available online for retail), perfect for impulse purchases. Sold in cases of 24 units at $130, suggested retail price of $11.99.

Retailer Benefits:

  • Cross-Selling Opportunities: Ideal for customers exploring bottom and mid-shelf bourbons or seeking toasted barrel flavors.
  • Perfect Gifting Solution: An excellent choice for shoppers looking for a unique and thoughtful bourbon-related gift.
  • Reorder Potential: As a consumable product, Bourbon Baggers encourage repeat purchases.
  • No Minimums or Reorder Obligations: Flexibility for retailers to order as needed.

Ordering Process:

Fulfillment and Support:

  • Orders typically ship within a week, with potential lead times for larger quantities.
  • Contact us for any special requests or inquiries at

Marketing Support:

  • Access to professional, high-quality images with unlimited licensing for retail purposes.
  • Leverage excellent customer reviews and social media influencer highlight reels available on our platforms: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube @bourbonbaggers.
  • Collaborative social media shoutouts and featured customer pages to support retail partners.


Join us in offering your customers an exceptional bourbon enhancement product with Bourbon Baggers. With attractive wholesale pricing, no minimum order requirements, and comprehensive retailer support, adding Bourbon Baggers to your inventory is a straightforward choice for enhancing your product lineup and delighting bourbon enthusiasts.

Texas Sales Tax Exemption

If you are reselling in Texas, and wish to utilize you Texas Sales Tax Exemption. Please contact us at before you place your order so we can set you up as tax-free.

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