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Bourbon Baggers Old Fashioned Gift Set

Bourbon Baggers Old Fashioned Gift Set

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Limited Supply Holiday Gift Set

Not available elsewhere!

Unique Gift Set features the following:

The "Fidget Spinner" bourbon glasses are truly a unique addition that bourbon lovers will cherish. They have a small dimple on the bottom which are designed to allow them to spin like a top. This is the perfect feature for getting the perfect swirl for the accompanying Bourbon Baggers. The swirling will help the Bourbon Baggers work even faster.

Ages Bourbon Years in Just Minutes!

We take the exact same ingredients and process that ages bourbon in the barrel and we shrink it down to the size of a teabag. As the bourbon flows through the Bourbon Bagger, it picks up all the complexity in the charred or toasted oak. 

An infusion bag for Bourbon??? Really???

Yep. That's exactly what it is. Each bagger contains toasted or charred American White oak. We know the idea sounds crazy at first, but just a glance at the before and after picture will show you how big of a change it can make. It will turn your Weeknight Bourbon into a Weekend Bourbon, which is why it is Guaranteed.

The Ideal Bourbon Lover's Gift...

Buying a bottle for a person who really cares about bourbon is stressful. You don't know if they already have it, if they hate it, or if what you pick is any good. Skip the stress with a box of Bourbon Baggers and let the person make their own bourbon better, one glass at a time.

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How does it work?

Bourbon is made by filling an expertly charred American Oak barrel with clear booze called "White Dog."  It then sits around for a few years picking up the color and flavors in the wood.

Bourbon Baggers takes that process and puts it into hyperdrive. Each bag contains finely shredded, kiln dried, and expertly toasted American Oak - the same oak they use in the aging barrels. The fine shred gives the oak tons of surface area to impart its toasted or charred goodness into your glass.

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